Science x Data Visualization


E2D3’s Hayashi-san presented to E2D3 data visualization tool to a community of science researchers and students. Using E2D3 to present research data may increase your chance to win research grant:) Please use E2D3 to show your exciting research findings to the world.


E2D3 is also actively seeking contributors who can help grow our graph libraries. If you are familiar with javascript programming, please contact us to become contributor to E2D3 Open Source Development Community!

Thank you, Science Collaboration Cafe organizers for an opportunity.

Event details:

Science Collaboration Cafe vol.1~Science × Something~

Date :2015/11/3日 18:30~22:30
Venue : Asagaya Loft A
Theme: Science x Something
Guests:University of Tokyo Science Communication Community CAST
    Yuri Minami (Singer)
    Monori-san(Creator of science goods)
    Marino Ueda(Environment advocate)
    Kuro Rabu Professor(Yoshimoto Creative Agency)
Fee:2,000円(Advance 1,500円)
Organizer :Science collaboration cafe committee