Data Literacy Workshop for Women Entrepreneur: MamaBA x E2D3


E2D3 has collaborated with MamaBA (read Mama-be-ey) , organization to empower moms in career advancement, in a workshop “MBA Method for Moms’ Career: Data Literacy for Mom Entrepreneurs”. I am serving as board member of MamaBA and borrowed expertise of E2D3 community to create workshop.

The goal of the workshop is “Understand the power of business communication using visualized data”. Participants’ daily business/ job was used for case study.

The workshop consists of:
1) Brief presentation of framework/ methodology/ theory
2) Individual work using worksheet
3) Presentation to peers
4) Receiving feedback (for further refinement)

Two activities help reveal power of data visualization;
* 7 big questions to answer; 1) Who are your customers? 2) What are their pain spots you are solving? 3) How your business can help/ solve customers’ pains? 4) Are customers willing/ able to pay for the solution? 5) What are alternative solutions? 6) How does your business stand out? 7) How does your business serve your community/ world surrounds you?
* Express those answers in words, and visualize data. How do these two methods convey information differently?


The workshop was followed by another workshop “Self branding strategy for women entrepreneurs”, presented by MamaBA Chief Director Rei Nagamatsu.

What defines “brand”? Understand true meaning of the brand by doing collaborative work.
* Creating brand concept vs. Promoting brand; distinguish the different tasks
* Step one for branding; precisely define target audience
* List key words you want to be perceived by target audience
* How to create “brand rules”


Please also see event report on MamaBA blog

E2D3 welcome collaboration ideas/ projects in data literacy education to a wider audience. Please contact us if you are interested such collaboration workshop/ lectures.

Event details:

Date:12/16/2015 10:15~12:50
Venue:QLC Produce Inc.
    Gotanda, Tokyo

Lecturer: MamaBA Chief Director Rei Nzagamatsu
     MamaBA Director Noriko Suzuki

Capacity:20(Minimum 5)

Venue Sponsor:QLC Produce Inc.
Collaboration: Data Visualization Development Community E2D3