Safecast x E2D3 Data Visualization Workshop

On November 3rd, E2D3 and Safecast jointly held a collaboration workshop “Environmental Data Visualization Hands-On” The gathering kicked off with Safecast leader, Pieter’s presentation. Rob of Safecast explained ecosystem, data structure and how to use API to download data. Led by Yamamoto-san of E2D3, we started working with Safecast data on Excel and on E2D3. Read more about Safecast x E2D3 Data Visualization Workshop[…]

Data Literacy Workshop for Women Entrepreneur: MamaBA x E2D3

E2D3 has collaborated with MamaBA (read Mama-be-ey) , organization to empower moms in career advancement, in a workshop “MBA Method for Moms’ Career: Data Literacy for Mom Entrepreneurs”. I am serving as board member of MamaBA and borrowed expertise of E2D3 community to create workshop. The goal of the workshop is “Understand the power of Read more about Data Literacy Workshop for Women Entrepreneur: MamaBA x E2D3[…]

Science x Data Visualization

E2D3’s Hayashi-san presented to E2D3 data visualization tool to a community of science researchers and students. Using E2D3 to present research data may increase your chance to win research grant:) Please use E2D3 to show your exciting research findings to the world. E2D3 is also actively seeking contributors who can help grow our graph libraries. Read more about Science x Data Visualization[…]