Q: I opened one E2D3 template, then tried to open another one, resulting in error.

A: Such phenomenon happens because the existing data and new data interfere on excel sheet.  When you open a new template, please activate one cell using mouse, then if there are enough empty cells to the right and below directions, it should open with no problem.


Q:When I use E2D3 graph share function, where is the data stored?

A: When you share graphs using E2D3 share function, the data is uploaded on E2D3 server.

Q: Can a user delete data shared using E2D3 (stored on E2D3 server)?

A:Such function is not yet implemented. (As of January 2016)  In the future, we plan to create account feature which enable to do so.

Q: I want to modify existing E2D3 template.

A: You need to modify source code.  Please register and post as E2D3 contributor at GitHub, so our engineers can take a look.


Q:It takes a while before E2D3 launches

A:E2D3 functions are updated via data communication.  When data communication environment is not good, there maybe some delays.


Q: How can I move the E2D3 graph on the spreadsheet? Can I enlarge/shrink it?

A: To move or enlarge/shrink the E2D3 graph object, you need to ‘select’ the object first.

  1. To select the object:
    • Place the mouse over the edge of the object. As the mouse becomes cross-shape, click the object.

    e2d3obj_with_mouse  ->  e2d3obj_with_mouse_and_cross

    • You will see the border of the edge thickens. Now, the object is selected.


  2. To move the selected object:
    • Drug the object, keeping the mouse cross-shape.


  3. To enlarge/shrink the selected object:
    • Place the mouse to the white point at the corner of the object, or the one in the middle of the side of the object.
    • As the mouse becomes double-ended arrow, drug the object keeping the mouse double-ended arrow.


Can I edit the values of cells of the data area which E2D3 graph refers to? Does the E2D3 graph reflect the cell editing?

Yes, you can. E2D3 graph changes automatically as you change the cell values of the data area.

You may also edit the variable labels of the data area (i.e. table head and table side of the referenced statistical table) as well. The labels of the E2D3 graph will be updated.

Can I delete a new row or column of the data area of E2D3 graph? Can I insert a row or column into the data area?

Yes, you can for the most cases.

  1. If you delete a new row or column, the E2D3 graph will be revised automatically.
  2. If you insert a new row or column, the E2D3 graph will be revised as well.
  3. If you add a new row adjacent to the last row of the data area or a new column adjacent to the last column,
      you must:

    • select cell area of the new data area with mouse or cursor keys on the spreadsheet;
    • and click the ’Reset data area’ button on the top left of the E2D3 graph object. Then, the E2D3 graph will be revised according to the newly defined data area.

So, let’s visualize your own data with E2D3.

How can I report the issue or bug, or something to change on e2d3?

If you can log in GitHub,
then please let us know by making “issue”.
please write the issue with your OS, version, execel version.

If you cannot use GitHub, please send email or message from our website or SNS.