"Is it getting hot in Japan?" I tried to visualise the data to confirm it.

[:en]Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is H. Takeuchi and I am chief engineer (evangelist?) of E2D3 version 0.5. E2D3 is a free Office/ Excel app which makes data visualization easy and accessible for everybody.

We are experiencing extremely hot summer in Tokyo these years. It is really steaming hot! The consecutive number of “extreme heat” days has hit the record 🙁

photo by  http://photopin.com/free-photos/

photo by http://photopin.com/free-photos/

There has been debates whether summer in Tokyo is really becoming hotter in recent years, compared to the past.I decided to look at historical data to see the climate trend.

Data has been pulled from Japan Meteorological Agency, which is a branch of Japanese government.


Following data sets are used;

Data range: January 1986 to August 2015, monthly data.

Data sets:

  • Average temperature(°C)
  • Total Precipitation (mm)
  • Average humidity (%)
  • Daylight hours (hours)
  • Highest temperature (°C)
  • Lowest temperature(°C)


  • E2D3
  • dc.js – Dimensional Charting Javascript Library

E2D3 is an Office / Excel app which transforms your data into visually appealing format. Some E2D3 graphic templates also let you see the data from different perspectives, and it’s really cool. I used a template “dcjs-example”.

E2D3 is an open source software that run on Excel. It lets you handle, show, and present data in the beautiful, interactive format. It’s easy to install, use and free. You can find E2D3 from Excel 2013 and later, or Microsoft Office app online store. (Yes, they do have Office app store!)


This is what I made. (Unfortunately smartphones cannot display) Click graphs below to filter data range.

Click hear for new window.

My observation

You can play with the data in many different ways. For example, let’s see the lowest temperatures in August. When filtered at above 25 degrees, you will see a lot of greens, meaning recent years.


When you actually play with data sets, there are many new discoveries.
E2D3 lets you show various data in Excel in visually appealing ways. You can input other cities’ climate data and compare with Tokyo’s.


Userbase, Inc. has a lot of data, ranging from corporation, industry, stastical, news articles and comments, etc. We are actively seeking engineers who want to develop tools to utilize those valuable data.


In addition, E2D3, an open source software project, is looking for contributors / collaborators who can add awesome visualization templates, as well as backend engineers and designers. It’s a fun project to work on!

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